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In Todd We Trust


In Todd We Trust
80 minSEP 3
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This week I’m reviewing Amazon’s most recent teen romance with Kookie Kayla. She and I share both sides of how I was unjustly given the nickname “Tool Todd” (2:00). We also take a moment to reflect on the life and accomplishments of Chadwick Boseman (2:55). I then talk about my misfortune with Ice cream shops, including my most recent trip to Jeni’s (5:00). Briefly, I talk about my plans to start a run club (10:42), and as always provide my surfing update (13:00). Kayla makes her way through Random Rapid Fire (16:57) before we begin the review (22:10). We first dive into how the depiction of high school differs on screen from real life (23:44) and later I share the regrettable decision I made in 6th grade (51:19). Song of the Week - Todd: Young in Love x Jaden Smith; Kayla: Fallingwater x Maggie Rogers. ITWT Movie Rating: 4.2/10. Check out the podcast website www.itwtpodcast.com