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In Todd We Trust


In Todd We Trust
69 minSEP 11
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The Big 7-0! Thank you to all the listeners who have supported the podcast over the last two years! This week Hannah is on to discuss Edward Norton’s amazing film from last year. First she shares her experience whale watching this weekend (3:20) and I give a special S/O to the listeners (5:30). I then provide my weekly surfing update - with actual updates this time! (6:11). Random Rapid Fire comes next (8:30) before we get into the review (13:55). If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend watching before listening! Song of the Week - Todd: Hit Different x SZA; Hannah: Don’t Wanna x HAIM. ITWT Movie Rating: 8.6/10. Check out the podcast website www.itwtpodcast.com