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Kaiju Coffee Break

Pants Pending Studios

Kaiju Coffee Break
63 min2020 OCT 13
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Godzilla, bane of Japan, and King Kong, the eighth wonder of the world, duke it out in this 1962 kaiju movie that was subsequently recut, redubbed, and released in 1963 in nearly unrecognizable form for American audiences. Because we LOVE you, dear listeners, we watched both versions and we’re here to process our trauma with you. Lee spills the tea about the legal battle between Ichiro Honda and Merian C Cooper over ownership of Kong while Sarah contemplates the hypnotic power of bongo solos. Plus: shocking revelations about the fate of the octopi used for filming, King Kong gets “Up’ed”, more Japanese puns, and Sarah has even less chill than usual. Featured Roaster: None. We got Dutch Bros. Being alive is exhausting. It’s fine.