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Kaiju Coffee Break

Pants Pending Studios

Kaiju Coffee Break
7 min2020 OCT 3
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Welcome to the first episode of Kaiju Coffee Break: After Dark, an NSFW bonus series in which we delve into harder beverages and explore whatever rabbit hole we fell down while researching or discussing monster movies. In this episode, Sarah recounts the harrowing tale of her discovery of quicksand fetish internet communities. This is only a teaser, though, and is family friendly. To listen to the full version, join our Patreon at pantspending.com/patreon! NEWS: We have an upcoming live appearance! We are guests at Sandemonium, our local fandom convention and will be recording a live episode of KCB with guest host Bronwyn Toth of Trading Pages on 10/3/20 at 10am PDT. Event link: https://bit.ly/3im5f9k. Featured brewers: Three Creeks Brewing Company- Five Pine Chocolate Porter (Sisters, OR) Two Towns Cider House- Hollow Jack’d Imperial Pumpkin (Corvallis, OR) Hotlips Ginger Ale (Portland, OR) and Suntory Roku Gin