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Under The Great Lakes Podcast

Gabe Murrell

Under The Great Lakes Podcast
53 minOCT 23
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Join Ben, Jacob and Gabe as they share their thoughts on the new Netflix film ENOLA HOLMES, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin; as well as their review of Brandon Cronenberg's new Sci-Fi/thriller, POSSESSOR.

Follow us on Twitter @utglpod and follow us on Letterboxd for our reviews on what we're watching in our free time - Ben (Benny4444), Jacob (Jacob Birney), Gabe (gabemurrell)

Make sure to check out our upcoming episodes, where we're going to go back to watch some of our personal favourite horror flicks from the past and present. First episode up will be our old favourites featuring THE THING, SLEEPAWAY CAMP & TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Followed by our modern day favourites featuring CABIN IN THE WOODS, DON'T BREATHE & UNDER THE SKIN.