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Freedom to Run: Fitness | Nutrition | Running

USA Endurance

Freedom to Run: Fitness | Nutrition | Running
47 MIN2018 FEB 5
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Denny Krahe is a coach and passionate runner based in Florida. He is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who specializes in injury prevention in runners. His goal is help them to experience the joy of running pain free. Along with coaching, Denny is the host of the the Diz Runs podcast, which he launched in 2014. The idea behind every show being that he will go on a “run” with the guest. And each episode is simply the type of conversation they would have if they were sharing the road or the trail for a handful of easy miles. Whether the guest is a pro, celebrity, or amateur runner, he has a free-flowing conversation about running, life and everything in between. Website: www.usaendurance.com Show Notes: www.usaendurance.com/053