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The Optimal Ceo

Dr. Brian Brown

The Optimal Ceo
26 MIN2019 APR 2
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Welcome to today’s episode where I’m going be sharing with you FOUR
THINGS that are destroying the success in your wellness journey… and
possibly even destroying the success of your business. Stay tuned as we
dive into these muddy waters and clear them up for you on this episode.
Thanks for joining me today!
Those of you who’ve been following me for some time know that I used to
practice psychiatry before I reskilled and transitioned to doing functional and
integrative medicine.
My days in psychiatric practice served me well. It made me a keen observer of
human behavior patterns. It’s something that years of training and practice
instilled in me, and something that’s difficult to turn off… it’s automatic.
After moving into functional and integrative medicine, I prided myself on not
practicing psychiatry only to realize two years later, I hadn’t really quit.
As time has passed, I’ve identified some major hang-ups that hold people back in
their wellness journey and business…
And, if I’m being completely transparent… these four hang-ups come from many
hours of personal self-reflection in my own journey!
Not ironically, many of my CEO-entrepreneur personality TYPE-PATIENTS…
very successful in their own rights… have also been held back in their
businesses because of these same four things.
Now don’t get me wrong… they are successful… but what I’m talking about is
next level success… going above and beyond in their businesses where they are
right now… going to a level that quadruples the impact that they have in their
current business
So today, as we get started, I’m going to need to be brutally honest with you!
So hold onto your hat because we’re about to take a whirlwind journey.
 I can give you a little HINT: it has nothing to do with the latest and greatest product or service… marketing
tool… software… or whatever gadget you need to make your life easier
 It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE SIX INCH SPACE between your ears.
 Let me explain.

 These FOUR THINGS that I’ve discovered… when you overcome them… will absolutely propel your health
and business to the next level
The No. 1 THING Holding You Back Is…
 You don’t know your PURPOSE
 Find your why… and you’ll find your destiny
The No. 2 THING Holding You Back Is…
 You are living as a slave to COGNITIVE BIAS
 What do I mean?
 Ultimately what drives our opinion is that which we first learn
 You may be saying, “Huh?”
 Let me break it down…
 You’ve got some old ways of thinking and old ways of doing things that need to be abandoned
 You need to adopt a new way of thinking
 You need to read more… if you own a business… you should read every sales and marketing and
copywriting book you can get your hands on
 You need to be a perpetual student
 Don’t just listen to or read everything that supports your way of thinking
 You need to read everything that goes against your thinking
 Challenge yourself to enter into conversations that challenge WHY YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE
 STORY – My antidepressant journey: Tell my story of believing what I was taught in my medical training
and how it led me down a 16 year path with 9 different antidepressants… and how it wasn’t until I changed
my thinking that I was able to truly heal
The No. 3 THING Holding You Back Is…
 You don’t know your VALUE… or the VALUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER
 And HINT: I’m not talking about your products and services
 I’m talking about what YOU can offer this world… the WORTH YOU PROJECT INTO THE WORLD
 STORY – Losing Weight and Clothes too big
 You see… we can’t choose our season… but we can choose our attitude
 You are NOT a commodity
 You are unique
 Gifted with abilities, talents, skills, and personality that makes you UNIQUELY you!
 No one else can be you… they can try to imitate you, but they CANNOT BEEEEEE YOU!!!