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The Power of Natural Healing

Howard Straus

The Power of Natural Healing
60 min2019 JAN 28
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Despite the huge success of the flu vaccination programs across the United States, including huge and universal coercion by medical, academic, military and employers, there is an immense "epidemic" of flu in all 50 states. Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing, temporary shelters have been pressed into service, and there has even been publicity about vaccine shortages. What is going on? If the number of people who have been vaccinated is at an all-time high, why is flu spreading at such a high rate? We have spoken on this program in the past about vaccines not being tested for safety and effectiveness, about vaccines being the only product exempted from product liability in the US, and this is still the case today.
We'll also talk about the cynicism of food manufacturers and the animal food industry, pushing products known to be carcinogenic by the WHO, and hiding that information from us by corrupting the press.