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The Power of Natural Healing

Howard Straus

The Power of Natural Healing
60 min2019 MAY 13
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All too many children, and even adults, have been damaged by toxic, dangerous vaccines that are now being forced on us by a cynical and uncaring medical system. Forcing us to take these poisons, and forcing us to give them to our children under draconian threats does not make them safe, nor does it inspire confidence in our government or medical establishment. In many states, if we do NOT accept the REQUIRED vaccines, our children are taken from us, and we face extreme consequences. So we MUST take them, and risk our children's brains, even lives. Dr. Saul will recount his recent encounter with a vaccine-damaged grandchild, and how he dealt with it, saving the child from lifelong brain damage, and how YOU CAN protect your family as well, even if you MUST take the vaccines. This is vital information, and a must listen show!