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59 MIN2009 OCT 29
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Dale Buchanan is the owner and instructor of Supreme Ultimate Fitness, in Boca Raton, Florida.
Dale's career expanded from his days as a mobile DJ, to becoming one of the most sought after
strength coaches, in South Florida. Dale's fitness career began in 1979, when he go his first free weight set from Sears.

However, it was during the early 80's that Dale truly became immersed in martial arts
and eastern philosophy. It was such training styles such as: Tae Kwon do, Hap Ki Do and Qi Gong
and Tai Chi, that began to mold Dale's foundation for his foundation of his current streamlined, successful training program, that has constantly produced success for his clients.

Join us this Wednesday at 3 PM (CST)/4 PM (EST), as Dale discusses how he uses one of the
most unique components that he uses with his client's fitness program, the seemingly simple T’ai Chi movements, as an Active Recovery system. Dale will explain how even "You" can use these techniques to relax the muscles, heal the body, and clear the mind....anywhere...anytime.

Also, our resident Mindset Coach, Adam Toohey, and I will will also answer more of your questions, submitted to me in our chat room, from my blog, on my facebook fan page, http://facebook.com/peoplesfitcoach,
as well as take your live calls at 347-945-6055.

Simply tune in live each Wednesday at 4 PM (EDT)/3 PM (CDT). You can also catch and download the replay at http://nogymnoproblemradio.com.