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The Holistic Prepper Podcast

The Chris Hall Podcast

The Holistic Prepper Podcast
61 MIN2019 MAY 2
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For the podcast's inaugural interview David Whitehead stops by to talk with us about programming, conditioning, self relience and taking personal actions to protect ourselves! David is a martial arts instructor, podcaster, public speaker, student of philosophy and balanced family man. Hidden underlying forces are at play on the world's stage and it's in our best interest to be aware and mindful to avoid these seemingly evil practices! Most prepper's are influenced by the global indoctrination whether they know it or not and that creates the need to prep!! So...David and I explore some of the mindcontrol taking place and how to live with that knowledge. Fun conversation. Great interview!.......Follow David: Unslaved Podcast....Instagram: @dwtruthwarrior......Email: holisticprepperpodcast@gmail.com......Donate: PayPal.Me/rawfoodfootsoldier......Purium Health Products: Ishoppurium.com.....promo code (chrishall).......Be sure to subscribe and leave a itunes review!!