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The Tattered Mat

Claudine Beeson

The Tattered Mat
58 minAPR 20
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These two headlines caught my attention: A crisis mental health hotline has seen an 891% spike in calls & anti-anxiety and anti-depression prescriptions are up 34% since coronavirus.
The panel is in to discuss what people are experiencing now that may cause this rise and how to cope with disappointments and uncertainty. Learn what you can do to strengthen your mental muscle and essential fatty foods that contribute to brain health.

Actionable tips from this podcast:
-Try new activities to grow inward like learning a new craft, journaling, or a gratitude practice.
-Parents and students should reach out to teachers and faculty to set up an appointment for social and emotional learning.
-For seniors in school, allow yourself time to grieve the end of the year and the milestone of graduation. Find ways to celebrate the last day of school.
-Beginning your day with exercise sets you up to make better decisions today, which sets you up for a better tomorrow.
-Medium intensity exercise may be the best exercise for your body at this time.
-The brain is responsive to nutritional changes. Eat more fiber and pre and pro biotic rich foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut. Lessen simple sugars and processed foods. Eat good quality fats in each meal like olive oil, fish, raw nuts.
-Do not take yourself off anti-anxiety and anti-depression too quickly. Consult with your doctor about how to wean yourself off the medication properly.