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The Tattered Mat

Claudine Beeson

The Tattered Mat
71 minMAY 4
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In this episode panel members talk trauma during the pandemic. We explore, what is trauma and how to recognize it within specific age groups, including school aged children who are currently learning online. We talk how trauma manifests within the physical body and how to cope physically, mentally, emotionally and nutritionally to help create resilience in the face of the pandemic.
Meet our experts:
Jayme Flowers RN, MS, CNS, LDN
Instagram @everdaywellnessnutrition

Ryan Levonyak - owner/operator of MAR Health & Performance, Personal Trainer
Instagram @ryanthomastraining and @mar_health

Leslie Slemmons LCSW
Instagram @bleslieslemmons.com
FB @bleslieslemmonstherapy

Noor Shammas - Instructional coach and adjunct professor
Instagram @nzshamm

Actionable tips from this podcast:
-Help your child identify what they are feeling at any given time.
-Provide positive reinforcement at predictable times for school aged children learning online.
-Redefine language in the way you check in and investigate if a child is not getting their needs met.
-Adjust expectations due to different learning environment.
-Be patient with any physical trauma, recovery and chronic pain.
-When dealing with chronic pain arm yourself with a support system, ie. personal trainer, nutritionist, sports doctor, and get quality support with people that understand chronic pain.
-Eat the rainbow with a diet full of fiber and antioxidant rich foods.
-Increase fluids and get plenty of rest.
Book referenced in the podcast "The Healing Self: A Revolutionary Plan for Wholeness in Mind, Body, and Spirit" by Dr. Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi