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The USA Weightlifting Podcast

USA Weightlifting

The USA Weightlifting Podcast
65 MIN2018 JUN 15
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This week on the USA Weightlifting Podcast, Chad and Cheryl will be directly replying to a few of your questions. Special thanks to everyone who participated and sent in some questions for us! We had a great time getting to know a little more about you the listener and what things you’d like to learn more about. In this episode we’ll be touching on tips for taking care of your joints, the difference between technique and muscle, as well as how to be smart about your training and getting the most out of each session. Enjoy the show!


05:45 - Joint health for Supers
16:15 - Technique vs. Muscle
31:05 - Balancing family & training
41:03 - How to be smart about your training