Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast

Should I Drink That

Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast
65 MIN2007 FEB. 16
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Father Spoon returns to take the Hobgoblin Challenge!


Niagara Falls 2005 Eisbock, Dragon’s Milk, Hobgoblin

Show Notes

The spoon returns | Niagara Falls Eisbock | spoon and a hard cawk | Dragon’s Milk | Sheetz finds a loophole in PA liquor law | Jim Motznik hates bloggers and SIDT fights back | The Hobgoblin Challenge from The Beer Report | Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Chug Challenge is ON! Official web page coming soon! | Weyerbacher commits blasphemy | Pittsburgh’s own Sho Nuff


Niagara Falls 2005 Eisbock | New Holland Brewery | Dragon’s Milk | The Beer Report | Sheetz finds loophole in PA Liquor Law | Pittsburgh City Paper | Going to the Blogs article | Wychwood Brewery | Hobgoblin | Old Chub Lip Balm | Big Foamy Head | Weyerbacher Brewery | Ale Street News | Shonuff | Pictures from this episode!

Things we learned

Jim Motznik is a douchebag and local Pittsburgh politicians are assclowns. We didn’t JUST learn this, but wanted to stress it… again.