Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast

Should I Drink That

Should I Drink That? Craft Beer Podcast
37 MIN2009 OCT 20
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East End Best Dressed Chicken, Bullfrog Undead Ed, Bullfrog Houblonium P38

Show Notes

Welcome to Steel City Big Pour 2009 | Scott from East End Brewing | Scott wins a major award! | East End Best Dressed Chicken | Chris in the Bocktown Beer Garden | Ellicottville Brewing makes a surprise visit | Ben Voytko talks to the guys about why he loves Big Pour | Tim from Bullfrog Brewery | Bullfrog Undead Ed | Bullfrog Houblonium P38 | beer model Kim Albrecht | Matt from Voodoo Brewery | Blue Canoe and craft beer in Titusville, PA | Rainbowboobs! | Drunken banter from Pittsburgh’s finest | Thanks for a great fest!

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Steel City Big Pour | Construction Junction | East End Brewing | Best Dressed Chicken | Bocktown | sickpuppy Better Beer Face | fatherspoon Better Beer face | Ellicottville Brewing | Bullfrog Brewery | Bullfrog Undead Ed | Houblonium P38 | Voodoo Brewing | Blue Canoe | Photos from this episode!

Things we learned

Doesn’t matter where you’re from, Steel City Big Pour is the fest you need to be at!