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Tamper Tantrum Audio

Colin Harmon and Stephen Leighton

Tamper Tantrum Audio
59 MIN2016 MAY 30
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This week in No. 55: it’s like past, present, and futurehave all tangled into one… and it’s all Steve’s fault.* Episode the 55th startsout a little bit meta—which recent videos and podcasts are getting interestingfeedback and what’s coming up next—but somehow turns into an extreme example ofverbal diplomacy when Steve drags Jenn away from the agenda and into hisfavourite kind of conversation (read: slightly controversial ones). Alsoincluded: more Dublin hints and tips for your trip to WBC this June, a tinder“how to”, holiday shenanigans, picky gingers, and unusual bachelor parties.*It usually is.--WorldCoffee ThrowingCompetitor Registration is OPEN! Throw a kilo for a goodcause (all proceeds go to Grounds for Health) and have some of that legendaryIrish craic whist you’re at it. ;)