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Taste Matters

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Taste Matters
44 MIN2014 MAY 8
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How do flavors become trends? Who determines trends, and how do they catch on with the mainstream? These are some of the questions that David Sax is trying to answer on the season finale of Taste Matters, hosted by Mitchell Davis. David Sax is a freelance writer specializing in business and food. His writing appears regularly in the New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Saveur, The Grid Toronto, and other publications. His latest book, The Tastemakers, uncovers the world of food trends: where they come from, how they grow, and where they end up. Tune in to talk taste on a tastemaking episode of -- you guessed it Taste Matters. This show was sponsored by Fairway Marketandnbsp;Trends really rule a large part of the food industry. Everybody pays lip service to their independence and how theyre doing things differently, and yet consciously and unconsciously everybody sort of falls into line. Its almost impossible to escape trends, especially in the dining world. [20:00]--David Sax on Taste Matters