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The Food Programme
28 minJAN 10
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BrewDog to a lot of people are almost synonymous with 'craft beer.' They are everywhere from supermarkets to off licences and have their own chain of bars across the country and abroad. They also have tens of thousands of loyal fans who have invested in the company through their 'equity of punks' scheme.

They have generated a fair amount of controversy and infuriated some in the beer world. But no one can deny the huge impact they have made on the way we drink in this country.

In this programme, brewer Jaega Wise investigates the phenomenon of BrewDog, how from humble beginnings they have helped craft beer become a British staple through brash and controversial marketing and taking huge risks in business and beer.

Founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, who have just published a book BrewDog: Craft Beer for the Geeks, talk about their 13 years running one of the most exiting but controversial drink brands in the UK.

She also talks to some if the investors in the 'equity of punks' scheme (EFPs) about why the company has become an important part of their lives, to the beer writer Pete Brown about his new book Craft: an Argument.

Presented by Jaega Wise
Produced in Bristol by Sam Grist