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The Pastry Bear Podcast

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The Pastry Bear Podcast
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Today’s guest chef Derio Boyce a native of the beautiful island called Barbados , he is the owner of cooking with love luxury cuisine located on the island , we sat down to discuss his introduction to cooking ,his influences in this field which he spoke highly of his grandmother who helped him to find his purpose We also spoke about his experience in the taste of the Caribbean competition, the importance of getting both practical and theory in culinary and why he decided to step away from the international cooking style and embracing his culture.Chef Derio Boyce LINK IN http://chefderioboyce INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/chef_derioboyce http://instagram.com/chefwmurdock Sponsor http://instagram.com/chefs_vibe http://facebook.com/chefs_vibe FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/chef_derioboyce http://facebook.com/winstonpastrybearmurdock