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Beard Brothers Fantasy Football Podcast

Beard Brothers FF

Beard Brothers Fantasy Football Podcast
93 MINAPR 17
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This is it! Both Us, and the guys behind The College Sports Connection Podcast, Alex and AJ are together for the first time since announcing the formation of the Four Beardsmen Sports Network! With sports still being cancelled because of the Cooties, there isn't a whole lot of news to cover for both shows, aside from one new trade move. This week we dive deep into the NFL Draft. The majority of this episode is spent solely on us each taking 8 picks in the Draft and take turns acting as the GM for each of those teams, and pick who WE THINK they should pick, and express our reasons behind each pick! Make sure to keep an eye on both our podcast, and The College Sports Connection, for more updates on 4BSN! Also, head on over to the BBFFP YouTube Channel as well! I will be posted the Video Version of the podcast as well!