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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
96 min2020 NOV 17
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Holy smokes we have a sponsor! We debut the first episode of Chris Simms Unbuttoned, presented by Verizon...and Ahmed is already angling for some freebies.

(4:00) Deep Dive #1: Cardinals def. Bills - What could Buffalo have done differently to stop the Hail Murray?

(17:40) How the Cardinals went with a zero-DL defense to frustrate the Bills

(26:30) Defensive Damn! Okay: Rams def. Seahawks - With Leonard Floyd & Jalen Ramsey, "the Rams are for real"

(33:50) Saints def. 49ers - Demario Davis led the New Orleans defense; and what do the Saints do if Drew Brees is out long-term?

(39:35) Giants def. Eagles - With Leonard Williams, "the Giants have a playoff defense"

(43:00) Steelers def. Bengals - Ahmed starts the TJ Watt MVP campaign

(49:10) Raiders def. Broncos - Jeff Heath made Drew Lock pay for his mistakes

(52:15) Give Me The Headlines: Dolphins def. Chargers - "There are 3 phases of football"

(56:25) Buccaneers def. Panthers - "Back to basics, baby"

(1:00:35) Packers def. Jaguars - "Not exactly purrrfect"

(1:04:00) Deep Dive #2: Patriots def. Ravens - "Cam Newton has played 3 near-perfect games in a row"

(1:15:15) Why couldn't the Ravens run on the Pats weak run D?

(1:21:50) Take It Up To 100: Browns def. Texans - Nick Chubb & Kareem Hunt both hit 100 this week

(1:24:55) Victory Lap: Lions def. Washington - Matt Prater is cocky and Chris loves it

(1:29:00) Trevor Lawrence Power Rankings - Ahmed puts the rankings on bye, and Chris gives some early analysis of Justin Fields, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance

(1:34:15) Chris and Ahmed react to some bad breaking news about Drew Brees