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Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Chris Simms

Chris Simms Unbuttoned
84 min2020 NOV 12
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Chris will reveal his Top 10 QB Rankings next week, so this week he, Paul and Big Phil discuss the passers who should be in the conversation.

(2:25) WTF Happened...Josh Allen: How was the Seattle D not ready for him? Don't blame Jamal Adams.

(16:50) Russell Wilson: Simms breaks down the longest TD throw in recent history. And did Sean McDermott switch things up for the Bills D?

(27:30) Big Phil joins to discuss the MVP race...Is it Wilson's to lose?

(38:30) QB Rankings Revisited: Who is in the discussion for the Top 10 through this season?

(55:45) Cam Newton: Why there's hope for him after Monday night's win.

(1:06:15) Lamar Jackson: Is Greg Roman's offense overrated?

(1:16:20) QB Jeopardy: We pay tribute to Alex Trebek and do some Steelers-related trivia