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Nuclear Clown Radio

The Irradiated One

Nuclear Clown Radio
--2016 NOV 14
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IN THIS SUDSY SIX PACK OF SORROW:-Election 2016 Fallout (literally/incoming)!-"Steampunk" High School Dracula theater production problems!-Halloween Hijinks and an Irradiated Rocky Horror Picture show live show!-No Man's Sky shows us how to underwhelm on a galactic scale!-Where art thou, Emilio Estevez?-All for one, and one for free booze and Philly pretzel factory goodness!-Over six hours of just about the worst podcasting you are likely to come across!-On the Irradiated ipod this week: Elastica plays us out this episode with the closing number of their second and final album The Menace, covering a righteous and happy 80's tune, "Da Da Da"! RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD TABLE OF CONTENTSHour One-Emilio Estevez Wikipedia Wormhole-REPO MAN movie review-No Man's Sky video game review Hour Two-The true nature of Humankind-Song stories and their link to memory-Dave's 2016 Indianapolis Halloween escapades-Irvington Halloween Festival Festivities and the grand Popcorn Prince-An Irradiated Ghost Tour -Dracula: The play Hour Three-Billy Bob Thornton and Bad Santa 2 discussion-Three Musketeers play and free food and BOOZE for me Hour Four-Rocky Horror Picture Show movie Review-Rocky Horror LIVE and Dave the narc-President Pussy-Grabber VICTORIOUS Hour Five-Chris Bell Documentary Reviews: Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Prescription Thugs, and Trophy Kids-Fallout 4 DLC discussion: Vault Tec Workshop and Nuka World Hour Six-IN DEPTH SPORTS TALK ANALYSIS!-World Series discussion and the return of JOBU-Star Trek: Beyond review -Ask Dave