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The Dorks & Dragons Podcast

Dorks & Dragons

The Dorks & Dragons Podcast
130 min2020 JUN 19
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Welcome to Dorks & Dragons Presents: Taenfaldin; Calamity. With this new season, comes a bunch of new faces, in cast members, characters, and the world setting. With Dungeon Grandpa Alex (@TiggieBittles) leading the charge, a new group of adventurers embark on a new storyline. A’ina (played by @RennRaccoon), Raina (played by @sy.dnd), Kit (played by @MaxxDoodles), Tol(Played by @Nichocreative, Mouse (played by @Certifiablenerd), Nomi (played by @that_awkwardnerd), and Whap (played by @Flea027), and their new friend Mousse, embark on their first clue hunt, find some objects that none of them have ever seen before, and wake a very sleepy man. The group also finds some information on who may be behind the assassination, and begin plotting their next moves.

Do you have any ideas of what may be going on? Tweet at us or send in a voice message and let us know what you think!

In this episode as well, we shout out an amazing Kickstarter by Hrothgar's Hoard, who create wooden game accessories (which I am dying to get my hands on), at reasonable prices! Go check it out, as of this recording, they have reached over $3k, which is over 6x the amount they were hoping to raise!

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Disclaimer: This episode was supposed to come out June 10, 2020, but a few errors caused it to be delayed, we apologize for that. Also, this podcast is meant to be PG, however, sometimes during editing a curse word may slip by. Our editors are human, and sometimes make mistakes. If this happens, please bear with us, as the previous campaign was not PG, thus a new editing style was introduced. We are still working through it, as a cast to ensure clean content, and as editors to ensure we uphold that standard. Thank you for understanding and supporting us, we would not have made it this far without your support!




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