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You Activated My Podcast!

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You Activated My Podcast!
116 min2020 DEC 5
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You know, of all the body-snatching movies out there, very few of them focus on what happens when multiple people snatch the same body, then need to play a card game against children. If nothing else, I’m so glad that Yu-Gi-Oh could bring this clearly underserved story to the masses…

Ah, who am I kidding, this episode blows chunks.

Join Jimmy and Tyler for a discussion of the first two parts of “Merger of the Big 5”, two episodes that nearly made Tyler sick, and continue to disappoint Jimmy to his very core. Will we ever figure out who exactly Noah is? What are the actual rules around Deck Masters? Why aren’t Tea, Duke, and Serenity doing anything useful???

Later, High Commissioner Lauren joins us for a business lesson like no other!