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35 West

Center for Strategic and International Studies

35 West
28 minJUN 11
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In this episode, Moises is joined by Gerver Torres to discuss key aspects of Venezuela's economic crisis, including hyperinflation, dollarization, and the Maduro regime's recent push for privatization. They listen to first-hand accounts from Venezuelans on the ground and discuss what the international community can do to rebuild Venezuela's economy in a Day After scenario. Mr. Torres is a senior associate of the America's Program at CSIS and an economist working with the Gallup Organization as a research adviser.
Voices of Venezuela is a ten-episode miniseries produced by The Future of Venezuela Initiative (FVI) in partnership with the Dracopoulos iDeas Lab at CSIS. Voices of Venezuela is a unique narrative-based podcast that weaves together stories recorded on the ground with commentary from CSIS experts, who will offer their insights from a broader policy perspective. Note: As the Covid-19 pandemic changes rapidly, the quality of this series may vary over the next couple of months. We are still in production remotely so you won't miss out on any new episodes of Voices of Venezuela.