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Farm Commons

rachel@farmcommons.org (Rachel Armstrong)

Farm Commons
--APR 15
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Show Notes: 

In this episode, Farm Commons Staff Attorney Sarah Vaile shares the menu of financial relief options farmers can pursue inside and outside of the CARES Act. We discuss programs that offer loans and grants for operating expenses for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan, as well as organizational pots of money available through American Farmland Trust, Verizon, Facebook, and others. Note that we do not cover programs that provide financial relief for individuals, such as the checks the government is going to cut to most tax-paying citizens, and the expanded unemployment assistance that will be offered, as we will cover the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program in an upcoming podcast.

Helpful Links Mentioned:

List of Loans and Grants aggregated by Oregon Tilth
Small Business Administration Corona Relief Options
The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act

Disclaimer: We are working hard and fast to get information together about COVID-19 related programs to share with the farming community as quickly and accurately as possible. Please note that things are rapidly shifting during this time and what was accurate info 2 days or 2 weeks ago may not be accurate tomorrow. As such, please look for our most recent updated information on all COVID-19 issues. As always, the above communications are delivered for educational purposes only and do not constitute the rendering of legal advice.