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Pods of Hope

American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest

Pods of Hope
40 min2019 MAR 7
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When Margaret Kobylus’s daughter Angela was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 1992 it turned their whole world upside down.  Angela had started to complain of leg pain earlier in the year and after many trips to doctors with no real diagnosis, other than growing pains, Margaret took Angela to see her Orthopedic doctor.  From there everything happened pretty quickly, the next day Margaret and Angela found themselves on the way to see oncologists in Seattle where they would learn Angela’s diagnosis.
As a single mom Margaret found comfort in the support she received from family, friends, her work and a group called the Candlelighters (the ACCOIN of today).  She found comfort in knowing other families struggling through a Childhood diagnosis just as she was, comfort in not feeling so alone in this tumultuous fight.
Angela’s ability to stay positive and focus on things like singing and journaling brought strength not only to Angela but to everyone who came in contact with her.  Her favorite thing to say to people was to “take one day at a time”.  Margaret recalls how amazed she was at her daughters strength and wisdom through out her long 5 year battle with cancer and feels very lucky to have had such a close relationship with her.
Sadly, Angela passed away at the age of 20 1/2, five years after her diagnosis.  Although she had reached remission and things looked to be heading in the right direction, the cancer came back and this time it had spread to her other leg, into her back and throughout her body.
Margaret did not walk away from the Childhood Cancer world after Angela’s death in 1997, instead she decided stay involved with the Candelighters (now ACCOIN) and has served on the board in one capacity or another ever since.  We are so grateful for her and her desire to continue to help families through this fight.