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Approaching The Bar

Joshua Tamsett

Approaching The Bar
14 min2018 MAY 14
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Josh shares five key points from a recent (and intimate) meeting at the Elite Coaches Breakfast Club in Melbourne with international human behaviour and performance expert, Dr John Demartini.1. People only try to have positive experiences in their life so they impose fantasies in their life (i.e. distractions from real life) to mask the negative experiences/feelings.2. Living to your highest values is not finding a cushy lifestyle or the easy route but rather seek out constant new challenges that inspire you and force you to grow into something better than you are now.3. Embrace ‘all thinking’.4. In everything you do, if it’s not producing something for you then it’s costing you something. Ask yourself daily if you are ok with the cost?5. Give yourself permission to be yourself.Listen in for more!