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Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies
10 min2018 NOV 15
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In this episode I discuss some of the journey towards reversing a sustained disease process in the gut and my attempt to increase oral tolerance. The CBD/THC Synergy Skin Worx patches seem to be blunting the mast-cell activation response which has increased oral tolerance towards a variety of foods. I am able to eat more ingredients right now then I have in over 4 and half years. This is all very surreal and I remain optimistic that this will remain so long as patches remain on. The plantain chips messed me up a bit as well, but mildly compared to the garlic. I did not comment in this podcast but I was able to drink a specific company's wine as well but I will cover that in another podcast.

* Carnivore diet raw/blue steaks
* Synergy Skin Worx High CBD Transdermal patches (cut in half)
* Reintroducing foods (Honey Mama Chocolate, avocado, sushi, variety of probiotic-rich low-sugar drinks)
* Garlic (bio-film busting agent messed me up hardcore)


See the above link for some science behind marijuana use and interrupting the mast-cell response.

P.S. For what it's worth, these patches have 63mg of CBD and only 3mg of THC.

Cheers everyone ^_^.
Brandon A. Trean BCTMB, HHP, NC


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