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Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies
14 min2018 OCT 24
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How I finally gained some weight with supplementation combined with carnivore diets. Why targeted supplementation can make all the difference in the world when it comes to assimilating and digesting your food. How a rare to raw carnivore diet can reduce digestive stress. How cooked protein can create symptoms of toxicity. And more in this near 15 min podcast illustrating my concerns with the current carnivore movement, and how to address those concerns with targets labs and solutions. The product I cued into is called Glutagenics which contains DGL, Aloe, and Glutamine by Metagenics. This helped with when I went too far with the Betaine HCL w/ Pepsin. Send an e-mail to boisewellness@gmail.com to receive 20% off any and all products, otherwise visit the website to learn how to receive 30% off. Cheers everyone ^_^.


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