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Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies

Boise Nutritional Epiphanies
15 min2019 JAN 9
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In this episode you will learn about some of the differences between H1-H4 receptor agonist herbs, and why you'd want to consider a combination when up against histamine-overload symptoms or mast cell activation syndrome. The Raw Carnivore Diet continues to improve my health, and thus far is the single most impactful thing I have done to date.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned about experimenting with different supplements, herbs and protocols is that you must be meticulous in all areas, from journaling, to integration, and listen to your body. Additionally knowing mechanisms helps as sometimes symptoms from herbs means you are actually getting the desired impact (biofilm busting herbs for example often make you worse cause they expose your tissues to hidden infections thereby increasing localized inflammation).

Affiliate Disclosure: We make monies off the orders you make through these links. This helps us fund our never-ending research/experimentation to provide you all with higher level insights into wellness strategies to lead to a more optimal experience ^_^.

Product Suggestions

Seeking Health ProBiota HistaminX [Helpful in reducing overall histamine load in the gut and for those with dysbiosis. I did have some mild symptoms of nausea and toxic feeling the first 4-7 days of use than it balanced out.]

Seeking Health Histamine Block [This product led to cardiac symptoms similar to atrial fibrillation, I spoke directly with Dr. Ben Lynch and he has never had any such reports from this product. It's well worth a try for those looking to reduce histamine load.]

Oregon's Wild Harvest Nettle [A great H1 receptor agonist. I found 6-8 caps a day split throughout the day to be effective in as little as 4 days of use. This was somewhat effective for tachycardia.]

Oregon's Wild Harvest Holy Basil [A great H2 receptor agonist. I found 6-8 caps to be effective for tachycardia symptoms along with overall itchiness at night. Coupled together with Nettle these are fantastic at reducing histamine-driven tachycardia.]

Yamoa Capsules [It was far too long ago when I tried this (12 years back) so I can't vouch for it, but it looks to be a promising H3 receptor agonist for those curious to experiment.]

Banyan Botanicals Kutaja Powder[Never experimented with this product, but it's high on my list as it looks to be a potent H3 receptor agonist. Just beware it is a biofilm-busting herb, which means it can cause die-off symptoms for those curious.]

Pure Synergy Matcha Powder [It got me too high-feeling, so I can't say how good it is as a histamine reducing herb but it has many other health benefits provided you don't find it too stimulatory.]

Dry Farm Wines [My all-time favorite wine, while I do think FitVine is on the right track, I can say my body prefers Dry Farm Wines.]

Elephantopus Scaber Ayurvedic Herb [If you can find a reliable source let me know as this could be a potent H4 receptor agonist, and well worth the exploration.]  Cheers Comrades, Brandon Trean BCTMB, HHP, NC

Cheers Comrades,

Brandon Trean BCTMB, HHP, NC


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