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ELEVATE Your Marriage and Life with Trina Glines

Trina Glines

ELEVATE Your Marriage and Life with Trina Glines
51 min2019 MAR 4
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Do you ever struggle to get your needs met? Maybe you wonder what your needs even are? Guess what you are normal - you are a woman! We are natural givers and adapters. We will instinctively take care of others first before we take care of ourselves. We struggle to ask for help because we feel we have discovered the most efficient way to accomplish all that needs to be done. And then we wonder why the heck we are so exhausted.

You are human which means you have needs. Today I share with you 5 steps to help you get your needs met. This will increase your ability to be the incredible giver and adapter you are! This will help you to give from a full well instead of being sucked dry. Releasing being in control of everything is so FREEING!  

Life is meant to be enjoyed not just survived. You are an incredible woman who has so much to offer the world. Take a moment today to learn how you can increase your happiness in your life by honoring your needs. 


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