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FIT Talk Podcast

Tiffany Rivera

FIT Talk Podcast
19 min2020 MAR 24
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Caretakers at a crossroads it that hard " t "in the road of life when care for our Loved Ones with Special needs. Any person that requires our Power of Attorney are the people of focus in this series.

My first take to this series was a vented 5 days of filled quarantine of the COVID-19 Virus. My dad not having any idea what this virus is doing to our community let alone planet. I am in a place of caring 24/7 and needing to place him in a home of safer care once this all blows over.

Caretakers at a crossroads is a platform to share resources and support for the tough decisions we have to make for the LO with Special needs; #Alzheimer's #Dementia #Autism #downsyndrome  and any physical needs as well.

It takes a special, strong heart to care take. And sometimes we realize we did not sign up for all that has been given!

Thanks why we have Caretakers Crosroads. Take it to the Cross t


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