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FIT Talk Podcast

Tiffany Rivera

FIT Talk Podcast
12 min2020 JUN 4
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I am not the same African American as you. I am not the same Mexican as you. I am not the same White person as you. Yet each race is in my DNA and I hold onto richly the heritage of my roots. As I raise my fist in rage at the atrocities of today, I am further frustrated as I search for wisdom from my ancestors, cry as their speeches and quotes are getting twisted to fit today's agenda. And to finally come to the conclusion of just who is my leader in race that I can be proud to reach towards in times like this? I am lost to see the role models; ...Who is that person for you?? What do they represent??

Every culture has it's own stereo types and the different sects of each race. We do not want to admit it but we do.  And I say we better talk about it if we want change to really come.  Because we are not the same and We need to embrace that. 


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