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Gravitate Towards Your Power


Gravitate Towards Your Power
34 MIN2016 OCT 16
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This Episode is about Mastering The Ego with Brandon Bozarth.Brandon is the founder of WakeUP University, former personal trainer for the performance science training Institute, and founder of Mind booty and Spirit. You can connect with Brandon at:Brandon's instagram- https://www.instagram.com/brandon.bozarth/Brandon's YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/inforevolution2012Brandon's Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/brandon.r.bozMind Booty and Spirit-Desktop- https://mindbootyandspirit.com/mbs30Mobile- https://mindbootyandspirit.com/optin10364435________________________________________________________________To receive exclusive Content join my free newsletter at visit: http://www.gravfitt.comSee more workout, lifestyle, and vlogging videos at http://www.Gravfitt.comTo receive exclusive Content join my free newsletter at visit: http://www.gravfitt.comFor my Online Personal Training and lifestyle coaching visit: http://www.gravfitt.comTo receive my ebook "The Ultimate Life style Meal Plan" http://www.gravfitt.com/#!the-ultimat...To receive my ebook "90 days to Alpha system" : http://www.gravfitt.com/#!90-days-to-...To receive my ebook "90 days to Alpha system (For HER)" : http://www.gravfitt.com/#!90-days-to-...To receive 35% OFF ASD-Performance supplements click this link http://www.ASD-Performance.com/#_l_7g