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Mamáhood Podcast

Melissa Herreria

Mamáhood Podcast
20 MIN2018 JAN 29
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I often say this podcast is my therapy and today it's my confessional. Prior to being a mom, there were things I saw other parents do that I would scowl at or say "I would never do that" and today I have to bite my tongue because I do the same EXACT thing!!!I never judge a mom now. I give the "I see you" nod and show my appreciation for her showing up every single day for her family. But BEFORE becoming a parent, I did, I judged. And 20-something year old Melissa would never had thought that 35-year old Melissa would be doing all of the she once judged but she is. Oh well. That's life!Listen to the episode and use the #reppinmamahood hashtag to tell me what you once judged and totally have to put your foot in your mouth for. Connect with me on @melissaherreria and @mamahoodpodcast on Instagram and get ready for MERCHANDISE on my website soon www.melissaherreria.com Catch you next week!