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Maybe It's You

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Maybe It's You
71 min2019 FEB 12
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Amiira and Greg are joined by producer Land to traipse through the landscape of the different iterations of the comfort and discomfort of being seen or being invisible at different times in your life.  Center of attention people, introverts, extroverts and how to  embarrass your teenager without even trying.  Building resilience, allowing yourself and your kids to connect to their pain and discomfort to build the confidence to know that you can do hard things and recover from hard things.  Amiira takes their daughter True to get her driver’s license and inadvertently pisses off the woman doing the driver’s test. The normalization of sexuality in the teen realm where behaviors are less judged PLUS a tremendously incredible audio snippet about talking to boys about sex and porn from The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil who is Amiira’s new hero this week. This episode brought to you by Care/Of Vitamins (Amiira’s obsession) go to www.takecareof.com and use code MAYBE for 50% off your first month’s vitamins. 

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