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Need to Know with Sam & John

Sam & John

Need to Know with Sam & John
35 minFEB 18
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In this episode, we discuss high MS drug pricing with the Executive VP, Advocacy for the MS Society, Bari Talente. We learn about the strides being made each day to control high drug prices as well as the social challenges and change that is needed. Bari also explains the impact of generic MS medications on drug pricing and the new study recently released by the MS Society. To learn more about the topics in the episode, reference information on access to medication, public policies, or learn how to become a MS activist. Do not forget to read the article mentioned, New Survey Shows 40% of People with MS Alter or Stop Taking Medications Due to High Cost or Even with a New Generic on the Market, MS Drug Prices Have Tripled in 7 Years. If you are interested in reaching out to your elected official and are unable to identify the individual, please be sure to contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you.