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Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast

Shaun Humphries

Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast
6 MIN2018 JUL 17
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Energy Demands Increase Over Time

So far, we have discussed the degree of change going on in the world and how technology can be a force for good, but ironically, can erode personal resiliency as well. Now let’s look at the reality of our own personal energy and why it’s critically important to the resiliency equation.

Physical energy peaks in your 30s and often begins to diminish (unless you take proactive
steps to fight this trend) as you transition into your 40s and 50s. At the same time this erosion of energy begins to happen, the demands on your time and energy begin to
increase, due to such things as:

  • Aging parents
  • Still helping your children
  • Increased job responsibilities

If you don’t look after your energy and resiliency reserves, you could hit a crossover point where your capacity is outpaced by the demands on your energy. This can lead to:

● Stress leave and burnout
● Heart disease, stroke, cancer or
other health maladies
● Emotional and psychological

Take a few moments on the current state of your energy and capacity. 

If you lead teams and you are looking for ways of increasing capacity through the cultivation of enhanced physical, emotional, cognitive energy be sure to reach out to us. We’d love to start a conversation on how we can assist your organization through customized training and workshops.


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