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Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast

Shaun Humphries

Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast
5 MIN2018 JUL 18
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How can you super charge your day? In this episode of the Take Charge of Change Podcast we will unpack a few principles to supercharge your day that are NOT rockets science. They are simple habits that, when followed diligently, will yield results that far exceed your expectations. Everyone needs a refresher and this will be your call to get back to the basics. These basic principles will work like the hyperdrive in the Millennium Falcon and propel you toward your biggest goals and aspirations. 

Lets dive right in. 

1. Take 15 minutes at the beginning of your day to write out your priorities and tasks. Don't stop there! Review the priorities and tasks throughout the day to keep on track. 

2. Focus on the most important goals first, the others can wait. 

3. Do the most important priorities or tasks first. 

4. Circle back at the end of the day to close off loose ends. 

5. Do not leave your desk cluttered. 

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