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Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast

Shaun Humphries

Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast
7 MIN2018 JUN 22
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In today’s episode of The Resilient Professional we will look at 6 habits that will help you to management you emotions in even the most tense moments. These practical strategies will have a positive impact on your professional and personal relationships. There is no way to avoid conflict and disagreement and these interactions often bring up strong emotions in that can cause us to act irrationally or do things we may regret. Overtime, using these 6 tips, you will become a master of controlling your emotions.

To implement these strategies in your life they need to be accessible to act as a reminder in tense situations. Maybe don’t go and tattoo them on your arm but putting these 6 strategies on a cue card in your breast pocket or in the notes app on your phone for quick reference could be a great way to always have them with you.

  1. Emotionally intelligent people put boundaries on people that make them angry.
  2. Emotionally intelligent people realize that their anger with people and situations probably has a deeper root cause, spend some time reflecting on these situations.
  3. Emotionally intelligent people respond but don’t react. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”
  4. Emotionally intelligent people take a ‘six second pause’ to dissipate strong emotions.
  5. Emotionally intelligent people are the first to reach out after an argument.
  6. Emotionally intelligent people shift to the positive.

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