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Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast

Shaun Humphries

Negotiating Change & Building Resilience Podcast
10 MIN2018 JUN 22
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Could there be one single strategy that could change everything? It should come as no surprise that the one thing is sleep.

What do we know about those of us who sleep 6-7 hours?

  1. This level of sleep destroys our immune system
  2. It doubles our risk of cancer
  3. It increases our risk of heart disease
  4. It can put you in a pre-diabetic state
  5. It causes negative cascading of health defects

“There MAY be the odd person who can hack their sleep but that is RARE. There is no such thing as training your body to not need sleep!”

So what should we do?

  1. Researchers say to shoot for 7-10 hours of sleep
  2. After 10 days of 7 hours of sleep your mind becomes “mush” so avoid this bad habit
  3. Lack of sleep destroys empathy
  4. Sleep clears out and organizes grey matter

Now that you know that, here are some practical tips:

  1. Make sleep consistent.
  2. Make a sleep schedule and strictly adhere to it.
  3. Blue light isn’t the only problem! Get all light out of your room, maybe invest in blackout blinds like these!
  4. Make your environment cool.
  5. Take a hot bath before bed, this encourages the release of your temperature internally.
  6. Exercise can help with sleep, but avoid exercise 3 hours before downtime.
  7. No booze, coffee or sleeping pills.

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