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PD TALK LIVE! with Rich & Kim


PD TALK LIVE! with Rich & Kim
25 MIN2016 APR 27
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Rich Rozek was diagnosed back in 2002 with Parkinson's Disease. He became a PD Advocate a couple of years later. After several brain storming sessions he decided to use his communication skills to spread the word about the disease and how it changes and attempts to take-over ones life.

He did several PD Talk Live episodes over a 5-year period. 

He has archived these programed at their respective networks as well as Apple's Podcast Directory.

They have surpassed a half-a-milion downloads. Rich is currently doing  what he loves most - Singing, Writing, and performing. He also does this to prove to just about anyone that even though you are capable to comtinue to create - even with a disease like Parkinson's!