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Personal Best

BBC Radio Scotland

Personal Best
27 min2018 OCT 15
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Gillian Russell discovers what we can learn from other cultures’ approaches to health and wellbeing and asks how we might adopt some of it into our own lives?Beth Kempton’s passion for Japan goes back more than 20 years. She explains why she embarked on a personal quest to discover more about Wabi Sabi, what ancient Japanese wisdom can teach us about our own health and wellbeing and how we could apply the gentle principles of Wabi Sabi in our own increasingly stressed lives.Chen Jie and Dai Congrong from the Confucius Institute in Edinburgh talk about the Chinese approach to health and wellbeing and its importance in their lives.Monika Pachla from the Polish community in Inverness explains why the tradition of keeping Sundays clear is important for their happiness.Helen Russell, author of The Atlas Of Happiness, takes us on a round-the-world journey to hear how other countries and cultures approach happiness, health and wellbeing.