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Personal Best

BBC Radio Scotland

Personal Best
27 min2018 NOV 12
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Gillian Russell explores how we can use music for mind, body and soul … as part of our health and fitness toolkit.Gillian visits Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to meet Tom Binns, founder of Glasgow Piano City, and Jackie Sands, Senior Arts & Health Specialist from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, to find out about the impact “Molly” the piano is having in the hospital environment.Research Fellow Dr Emma Moore from the University of Edinburgh talks about whether music can rewire the brain.Dr Rachel Drury from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland explains how we can use music to express ourselves while colleague Dr Jill Morgan describes the impact music has on our social world and the research she’s done into how mothers and their teenagers share music.Sonia Allori explains what the Lost And Found project is all about and how the music therapy is helping people who have suffered a stroke.Nick Jedrzejewski describes the idea behind Feels FM, the world’s first online emoji-powered jukebox for mental health.The programme opens with pianist Tom Binns playing a piece he wrote in 2006. 'Follow Me No More' is about facing the grief of losing his grandfather.