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Personal Best

BBC Radio Scotland

Personal Best
27 min2018 DEC 3
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Would you describe yourself as a perfectionist? Admirable high standards or impossible goals? Trying just a bit too hard for that perfect Christmas?! Gillian Russell asks whether the pursuit of perfection can actually be bad for our health and wellbeing… Dr Emily Taylor from the University of Edinburgh, who set up the Perfectionism Laboratory, describes why people strive for perfection and the impact it can have on their lives.Acting coach Mark Westbrook explains why making mistakes and experiencing failure is an important antidote to perfectionism in all walks of life and shares his tips for ensuring it doesn’t become a problem for you.Sports Psychologist Misha Botting talks about the pursuit of perfection in sport and whether it’s a good thing or not. Team GB curling skip Kyle Smith shares his experiences of perfectionism and explains how he’s worked to overcome the emotional rollercoaster it can create when you’re competing.Helen Balfour finds out why perfectionism can become a problem for students and how it can best be tackled.Cynical about perfectionism on social media? Instagram influencer Lucy Simpson shares her secrets of how she projects the “perfect” images and what she personally gets out of it.