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Personal Best

BBC Radio Scotland

Personal Best
27 min2018 OCT 29
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How much attention do you pay to your posture? Gillian Russell gathers together a whole heap of advice and inspiration to help us improve everything to do with our posture...Gillian visits physiotherapist Sean Webb at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness to find out why good posture is so important and what steps we can take to improve it.Dr Heather Morgan from Aberdeen University talks about the impact high heels can have on our posture.Osteopath Bryan McIlwraith explains why paying attention to the positioning of our car seat, steering wheel and pedals can have a positive effect on our posture.Pierette Melville, a physiotherapist at NHS Fife who specialises in children and young people, describes the impact smart phones are having on our posture.Alexander Technique practitioner Alan Massey demonstrates why so many of us need to unpick bad habits and learn to be more mindful about how we stand and sit.Ross McDonald, President of the Scottish Chiropractic Association, shares his advice on improving our posture when we’re lugging round bags of Christmas shopping!