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Personal Best

BBC Radio Scotland

Personal Best
27 min2018 OCT 22
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Heading Into Winter: with the clocks about to change, Gillian Russell asks how we can best prepare mind and body to minimise the impact the long, dark days might have on our mood and our motivation?Nutritionist, author and owner of Food For Fitness Scott Baptie shares his tips on getting our food right in the winter months and demonstrates how to make a simple, nutritious sweet potato and chorizo soup… then shows Gillian what kind of exercises we can easily do at home on the days when it’s too cold and miserable to go outdoors.Author Emma Mitchell explains what immersing ourselves in nature can do for our physical and mental health and why getting creative with nature can have additional benefits.Dr Niall Elliott from Sport Scotland Institute Of Sport offers advice on how best to look after ourselves to minimise the chances of getting colds, ‘flus and other bugs as the seasons change.Judith Leask describes how she copes with Seasonal Affective Disorder at this time of year.